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In addition to other concepts such as space and time, and deals with tangible cosmic properties that can be measured such as force, energy, mass and charge. Physics adopts the experimental approach, that is, it tries to explain natural phenomena and the laws that govern the universe through testable theories.

Physics has a distinguished place in human thought, and it has also been affected by other branches of human knowledge. It also had a decisive impact on some other cognitive and scientific fields such as philosophy, mathematics and biology. Most of the developments it has brought about have been embodied practically in several sectors of technology and medicine. For example, progress in the understanding of electromagnetism led to the widespread use of electrical devices such as television and computers, as well as applications of thermodynamics to the amazing development in the field of engines and modern means of transportation, and quantum mechanics to the invention of equipment such as the electron microscope, as was the age of the atom - along with its effects Destroyer - Important uses of radioactivity in cancer treatment and disease diagnosis.

Most physicists today are usually specialists in two complementary fields: theoretical physics and experimental physics. The first is concerned with formulating theories by adopting mathematical models, while the second is concerned with conducting tests on those theories, in addition to discovering new natural phenomena. Despite the huge number of important discoveries made by physics in the past four centuries, many issues remain unanswered to date, and there are theoretical and applied fields that are witnessing intense activity and research.

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