How can you feed pigs inexpensively

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How can you feed pigs inexpensively

Мнениеот textekpri » Пет Ное 25, 2022 4:22 am

I was once in charge of the picking over department. This was for vegetables (Manly potatoes) that had been rejected by health inspectors. All the rejects were bagged and taken to the Salvation Army for their Pigs. They got them free of charge for just picking them up. pig feed making If you're lucky enough to find such a place, you'll be able to get lots of cheap pig food, mostly because of the fuel cost. I don’t know the regulations these days, but you might get food that restaurants won’t serve. You will also need to purchase mixed grain. Another way was to buy stale bread at a bakery or shop where it was not sold.
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