Barcelona used to be known for fostering the best young play

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Barcelona used to be known for fostering the best young play

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If there ever was one, 18-year old Sandro Tonali is a prospect FUT 23 Coins. The Italian youth could play any midfield position, but he's best used as a centre defensive midfielder who will dictate the speed and spread chunks around.Tonali plays for Brescia at the Serie A in Italy, even though he made his introduction once the club was in Serie B. These types of comparisons are thrown around all the time, but Tonali has been compared to Andre Pirlo - that also started his career - and it seems like a very fitting comparison.

Pirlo is an Italian soccer legend, famous for his lengthy career as a midfielder that racked-up dictated every game, assists, and scored a couple of crackers. Tonali has played with a great deal for the Italian National U20 and U21 sides, also revealed incredible composure and adulthood, which brought him a call-up into the Italian senior team.So with that said, you may be thinking Tonali would include a hefty price tag. Well you will be happy to hear his existing value is $7.500.000. That's a steal with potential in a 90, of the finest young players in world soccer. Purchase HIM NOW!

Barcelona used to be known for fostering the best young players in soccer. It has basically joined Real Madrid in splashing the money if they do not impress right off the bat, and players. That being said, the team still has some quality in its own system, and cheap midfielder Riqui Puig is well worth choosing up.

Puig comes in as one of the least expensive players on this list at only $2.100.000, but also means his buy FIFA 23 Coins overall ability is presently in 69. Fret not yet, since Puig's potential is about 85 and, using the emphasis on player functionality in FIFA 23, it will not be long before he's skyrocketing towards that mark.
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